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PTA Meeting Thurs 6/6 9:30am

Please join us for our last PTA Meeting of the year, Thursday, JUNE 6, 9:30 am on Zoom and LLC.

We thought May might be the last and are grateful for the opportunity to conduct some exciting business such as votes and nominations and to discuss the 2024-25 schedule with Principal Higgins.

He will spend a few minutes reviewing the schedule for next school year.  If you are unable to join this meeting, rest assured that he will be reviewing the schedule again at each of the grade open houses in the fall. The schedule is also being discussed at the 6/6 evening BOE meeting.


To briefly explain the changes:

o   No more flex time

o   No more period dropping (All academic classes meet daily)

o   Minutes devoted to “flex time” this year will be distributed to all other classes during the day

o   Lunch will increase from 30 minutes to 45 minutes

Agenda and Zoom Link: LINK

Please Support Annual Appeal

  • Our Annual Appeal is an important way we fund our programs. For example, if we reach donations on  average of $40 per child to the 2024 Middlebrook Annual Appeal, your donation will allow us to cover the cost of 2023-2025 programs that will directly benefit each child at Middlebrook. We appreciate everyone supporting at the level they can. Gifts and Grants total grants funded during 2021-22 were over $30,000, 2022-23 were over $19,000, and in 2024 we already have over $34,000 in requests, $12,000 of which are annual enrichment programs. These will benefit students and staff across the school. Read more about Winter 2024 applications here and about our Gifts and Grants generally over the last few years here. We need your support to keep brining enriching educational experiences, community building events, and support to our students and staff. 

  • Link:

Thank you,



The PTA's mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.


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