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Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair

Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT

March 2023

Any 7th or 8th Grade student can potentially participate in the Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair (CSEF). Middlebrook will be sending the top seven winners to the CSEF. Participation in the State Fair is not a requirement of the Middlebrook Science & Engineering Fair.


For the CSEF, middle school projects must be EZ Path level research unless an exemption is requested. EZ Path projects DO NOT involve any of the following items:


  • Human subjects (including surveys and questionnaires)

  • Nonhuman vertebrate animals**

  • Human or animal tissue

  • Pathogenic agents / controlled substances / hazardous materials


Our science teachers ask that you please DO NOT involve these. It is very difficult to get pre-approval from the CSEF, and pre-approval is required BEFORE you begin your experiment.


If you involve any of the listed items in your project and do not get pre-approval, your project

will not be eligible to compete at the State level.

** Involvement of any animal will not be allowed in the Middlebrook Science & Engineering Fair. You need to submit your registration for pre-approval to CSEF by December 1st, 2022.





If your project involves one of the items listed above, it is not considered an EZ Path project. It is considered an Unrestricted Research Path. If so, you must obtain pre-approval from CSEF. Go to: for registration and approval forms.

< >Submit the Project Registration Form.Submit a Research Plan.Submit relevant ISEF forms.Submit the Fair’s Release Form (now part of the registration process).Once your registration is reviewed by the CSEF committee, you will receive an email either requesting more information or advising you of approval of your project.


AFTER Obtaining Pre-Approval - you may BEGIN your experiment.


If you plan to use the Unrestricted Research Path, please contact Uma Subramanian at for help in navigating the pre-approval process.

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