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A Brief Guide To The Middlebrook Day

Middlebrook uses a six day cycle. Each day, students meet each of their core classes (Reading, Writing, Math, Science Social Studies and World Language). The remainder of the day is filled with rotations (depending upon the cycle day) through STRIDE classes which include Art, Band, I-STEM, Health, Chorus, Orchestra, General Music, P.E. and Family & Consumer Sciences. Additional information can be found in the overviews for each grade here.


The curriculum stresses conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts along with procedural skills to ensure students are learning and absorbing the information they need to succeed. Math is taught across three levels, which are determined primarily by teacher recommendation .



Each student will take two music courses, which can include a combination of non-performing General Music Theory and General Music Vocal, and performing Band, Orhcestra and Chorus. Non-performing students do not participate in concerts.

Summer Reading


Here's a document that describes the expectations for summer reading at Middlebrook.

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