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Expense Reimbursement

If you are making purchases in support of a MB program or event, please follow these guidelines:

  1.  Know your budget – if there are any questions on how much has been allocated for your event please reach out to the President or Treasurer.


  1. Optional:  When making large purchases, consider using our Tax letter to purchase item sales tax free.  This is easier at some merchants than others.  If you do pay sales tax, you will be reimbursed for the sales tax.


  1. Save all receipts for submission.  You do not need to submit physical receipts – a photo or download of a receipt is much preferred.  Plan to submit all of your receipts for an event at once – do not submit multiple requests for reimbursement for a single event.  (However multiple people working on a single event should submit their expenses individually).


  1. As soon as possible after your event – or after you’ve finished making purchases - submit your request for reimbursement.  All requests should be submitted within 2 weeks after an event.  To request reimbursement, you need:

    1. To fill out the reimbursement form

    2. To include photos or documents of the receipts

    3. If you have more than 3 receipts for a reimbursement, please list each item and the amount so that it adds up to your total reimbursement request.    

    4. Email the reimbursement form along with the receipt photos to


  1. A check will be in the mail to you within 1 week of receiving the request


  1. If you have made purchases that you would like to “donate” to an event and do not wish to be reimbursed, I can send you a letter thanking you for your donation for tax purposes – please submit the receipts per above but indicate that you’d like a letter instead of a check.  If you are not the event chair, please let them know how much you are donating so accurate count of the costs of the event can be documented.


Email Manisha Patel with any questions.


If you need to request reimbursement download the form below and forward to our Treasurer:


Expense Reimbursement Form

(if you would like to edit the form to type information, please make a copy.)


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