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Here you will find resources such as the school calendar, walk-thru info, and supply list information! And check out for the latest news throughout the year!

*More information is in the process of being added to this page.

back to school messenger - MB GUIDE

Meet the Teacher

Join us Thursday, August 25th at Middlebrook.


12:00 PM

Grades 7 & 8 

A-L: 12:00 - 12:25

M-Z: 12:35 - 1:00 


2:00 – 3:00 PM 

Grade 6 

A-L: 2:00 - 2:25

M-Z: 2:35 - 3:00 

*Please do not bring supplies.

6th Grade Activity Night

Students are invited to a fun night with a DJ and games on Friday, September 30th from 6-8 pm at Middlebrook. We need organizers and event volunteers, which is often as much fun for the volunteers as the students! Registration will open in September.


WEB Orientation

Friday, August 26th at Middlebrook for 6th Grade.


Times sent by email.

7th Grade Activity Night

Students are invited to a fun night with a DJ and games on Friday, October 14th from 6-8 pm at Middlebrook. We need organizers and event volunteers, which is often as much fun for the volunteers as the students! Registration will open in September.


Family Movie Night

An opportunity for students and families to get together with friends old and new for an outdoor movie night at Comstock on Friday, September 16th, 6-9:30 pm. 


Photo Day

We’re looking for volunteers to ensure Photo Day 2022 runs smoothly. If you’re available to volunteer for two hours on photo day on Thursday, September 15th to help photographers and students get the shots just right, please contact:  Dana Quick →

This is a fun and rare opportunity to spend some time at Middlebrook during school hours. Order forms are handed out to the students during the  first week of school. Please complete an  online order form for each child at Middlebrook, Retakes/makeup date is November 16th.

WPS District website

Here you will find valuable information and links for WPS and Middlebrook on the newly designed site. Middlebrook School and Wilton School District websites are great resources that can answer many of your questions. There is also an app you can download!

Every Middlebrook Team has their own TEAM PAGE accessible through the Wilton Public School website. Check out your TEAM PAGE for information on supplies, homework, field trips, points of contact and more!

BTS Upcoming Events
BTS WPS Website

PTA Welcome

Welcome families!

Thank you for all you do to support each other, our community, our teachers and administrators, our schools, and our children.

Principal's Welcome

From Principal Jory Higgins

BTS PTA Welcome
BTS Principal's Welcome


6th Grade

All teams use the same supplies. Please note requirements for some subjects.

7th Grade

All teams use the same supplies. Please note requirements for some subjects.

All teams use the same supplies. Please note requirements for some subjects.

8th Grade

BTS Spotlight on Supplies


If you’re new to Middlebrook, there are lots of things that seem mysterious and so many questions you need answered.  We are taking a crack at your list:


Snacks: There is no set snack time at MB.  Snacks may be allowed at the teacher’s discretion. If you have questions or concerns,  please contact your child’s team leader directly.


Gym Clothes: Students may wear gym appropriate clothes such as shorts, leggings, or sweatpants and a t-shirt, and sneakers to school or change for gym if they prefer. They may wear any color they wish; families with older students may remember days when MB wore their team colors. Unless you remind your student to bring them home for washing, you may not see them until the end of the year.


Drop-Off/Pick Up: Please see the details and diagrams TBD


Late Arrival: Drop off your student by the main entrance.  


Early pick up: If your student needs to be picked up early, just send in a note, which they must bring to the front office upon arriving at school.  You will need to go into school to pick them up.  It’s helpful to consult the Schoology Schedule.


Day Numbers: MB schedule operates on a 6-day cycle.  If there is a holiday, that day  is skipped … for example, if Friday is Day 4 and Monday is Columbus Day, then Tuesday is Day 5. In cases of snow days, if Friday  is Day 4 and Monday  is a snow day, then Tuesday is Day 6.  Every Sunday, our Messenger will have the Day Numbers for that week ahead.


Clubs: MB offers over 20 clubs. Most clubs meet after school, but a few clubs meet before school. There is a $25 participation fee. Once the fee is paid, students have unlimited access to participate in as many clubs as they wish.  Be sure to talk to your student about clubs that might interest them. Students learn about clubs during September’s Club Fair, from their teachers, and from various bulletin boards around school.  Information is also available on the school website.  


No More School Dismissal Manager: Middle schoolers are responsible for their own dismissal plans. If your student is going home with a friend, or taking a different bus (to go into town, for example) you do not notify the school.  It is important to make sure that you and your student have a common understanding of the plan - if they leave with a friend, there is not a way for school staff to track them down for you.


Buses: students are allowed to ride other buses. But, note that students assigned to each bus have priority. If more students want to ride a bus than seats are available, your student will not be allowed to board the bus.  This occurs most frequently with the town bus, especially on Fridays. Check special bus assignments here If your child was hoping to get on a bus and they can’t because there wasn’t room, they need to work out their alternate arrangement. This could be calling an adult for a ride or walking if the destination is close enough.  


Lunch Options: Hot and cold lunch options and snacks will be available for students to purchase in the cafeteria. Indeed, there are more options than most kids realize. You can access menus online through Nutrislice. Find the link here.


Message Center: do not call or text your student on their personal cell phones during the school day.  Please call the Message Center at 203-834-4967 and leave a message which will be given to your student before the day ends.  In the event of an emergency, please call the school.


Get involved with Middlebrook PTA this year! We welcome all members of the Middlebrook community to get involved at a level that meets the needs of your family. We support all families, students, teachers, administrators, and staff. You can get involved by joining the PTA, volunteering for PTA committees and events, donating to fundraising campaigns and purchasing spirit wear, attending meetings and events for students and families, tuning in to communications that connect our Middlebrook and Wilton community.

BTS Helpful Information
BTS PTA Information

More Information coming soon on how to join the PTA and access digital directories for 2022-23

Read More >

Please volunteer for as much or as little as you can. This is a great way to get to know other families, make time to work on fun and important projects, and provide vital support to our school and community. We welcome all members of the community and our events and programs work best when we have a diverse group of volunteers, and faces new and old. 

The PTA appreciates the support of our families in our Annual Appeal to fund initiatives like Gifts and Grants that help provide resources and programs that benefit Middlebrook students and staff. Examples of student programs are Visiting Author, Birds of Prey Shakesperience, World Language, and professional development opportunities for teachers. G&G also fund equipment such as technology, improvements to Middlebrook Farm, and composting.

New Spirit Wear is being added soon!

GIFTS & Grants




parent and child RESOURCES
Some resources here, more being added!

Principal's Welcome

Principal's Welcome

Wilton Youth Council



Middlebrook students can join us for a full year of leadership training, community service projects, and many fun activities, including ski trips!  Questions? Contact Tanya Leonard at



Wilton Youth Council offers parent education events and PeerConnection at Middlebrook. Please save the date for these Wilton Youth Council parent education programs! Like us on Facebook and visit for more detailed information about programs for youth, parents and our community, and sign up for our newsletter.  Questions? Email

BTS Resources
WHS 2027 WYC w Text.jpg

Calling All 8th Grade Parents and Caregivers:

Welcome to Class Project 2027!

What is it?
Class Project 2027 is a program of the Wilton Youth Council, a non-profit organization that represents the parents, caregivers, and students of Wilton's Class of 2027. The tradition of Class Projects started with the families of the Class of 1988 with the goals of building community for parents and students, creating drug- and alcohol-free events for students, and deepening community connections through outreach. Each Class Project is a years-long program which provides networking opportunities for parents and safe, social events for students, culminating in a community-wide celebration, Post Graduation Party (PGP), for our 2027 graduates. The project, all events, and the PGP are open to all students and their families living in Wilton and graduating in 2027, regardless of which school they attend.

Save the Date
Our first social event for students will take place on October 21, 2022 at Comstock
Community Center, mark your calendar and look for updates coming soon.
Join us!

Support from all Wilton families with children graduating in 2027 will ensure our students a great Class Project 2027 experience and by getting involved you’ll be making our 2027 Community stronger. We’re looking for volunteers to help throughout the year, if you’re interested please fill out this volunteer form.

Stay in Touch
Facebook: WYC Class Projects 2027 - Parents Only

Website: Coming soon:

Wilton SEPTA

Wilton Youth Services tends to the social, emotional, and behavioural needs of Wilton’s young people.  It provides information on all things child-related, referrals, consultation with parents and professionals, case management, problem assessment, and counseling services.

The Hub is the state-designated Regional Behavioral Health Action Organization (RBHAO) serving Southwest Connecticut. It’s a regional resource supporting and coordinating mental health, suicide awareness, substance use prevention and problem gambling efforts in the 14 communities from Greenwich through Greater Bridgeport. It supports local prevention councils to prevent substance use and promote mental health, and brings consumers and providers together to identify needs and recommendations in treatment and recovery systems.

Turning Point CT was developed by young people in Connecticut who are in recovery from mental health and substance use issues. While we’re not clinicians, we know what it’s like to feel alone, stressed, worried, sad, and angry. We’ve lived through the ups and downs of self-harm, drugs and alcohol, and the struggle to find help. Fortunately, we found what worked for us. Our goal is to provide information and support to help you choose your path so that you don’t have to struggle the way we did. Our mission is to empower teens and young adults in their search for emotional and mental health. Our website will help you understand your options and learn how to navigate the behavioral health system:

Wilton Youth Services 


The Wilton SEPTA’s mission is to build compassionate, trusting, and collaborative relationships with all members of our schools and community. We strive to ensure that the diversity of all children receiving Special Education and related services will be supported, celebrated and socially embraced. Collectively, we will work to increase access to resources; empowering every child with the opportunity and inspiration to thrive. Please visit our website or get in touch via email to find out how to get involved. Email


Special Education Network of Wilton, Ltd., is a not-for-profit organized exclusively for educational purposes, more specifically, to educate the public about special needs, special education and disability-related issues. It serves as an advocacy and supportive network for CT families of children with special needs, especially families of children with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Section 504 Plans under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Your Academics is committed to ensuring that all students have the ability to access help when they need it most. We provide free tutoring for students in grades 3-12 encompassing a wide array of subjects including math, science, and history, to name a few. Additionally, during the summer months, camps are offered to allow students to continue learning in the summer.

Wilton Education Foundation

WEF is committed to supporting a strong connection between our schools and our community. WEF's support and partnership are important to the growth and continued success of some important programs at Middlebrook and across our schools. Programs such as the Career Fair and Science Fair, and community events like the Get Smart for Wilton 5K are ways that we can come together to support our students.

Your Academics

Here are a few articles and links we have collected to kick off the year. Please let us know what topics you are interested in and we will work to collect resources, plan events or guest speakers at PTA meetings, and work with our partners in the community to support you. Please email with your ideas or if you would like to partner with us.


BTS Links
Image by Melissa Askew

let's get digital

As we return to school, it is a good opportunity to review our digital citizenship and footprint in our community. 

These articles are good resources for introducing or discussing use of digital devices (The Smart Talk , Quick Guide) and for framing positive and intentional use of social media (Top 10). 

Last year, Middlebrook PTA sponsored a Wilton Youth Council webinar and book discussion on Diana Graber's, "Raising Humans in a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology". Here is a link to some of the resources. You can also find more resources and a link to find the book at


Wilton Public Schools has adopted the Portrait of a Graduate. 

Our Mission: Wilton Public Schools inspire and prepare all students to contribute meaningfully to a globally interdependent society.

Our Vision:  Guided by expert instruction and a rigorous, learner-centered curriculum, our students actively pursue their goals and aspirations and grow to be productive and resourceful members of the community.

The six attributes of the Portrait of a Graduate are detailed below and have their own webpage:

Learn More >

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