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Gifts and Grants

The Gifts and Grants program is one the PTA highly values as a means for investing in our school, staff and students. 

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How to Apply

Gifts and Grants have application periods in the Winter and Spring open to Middlebrook faculty and staff who are PTA members. 


  • Applications are open to all MB faculty and staff, as long as they are PTA Members

  • Applications are not limited to any specific subjects/areas

  • Preference is given to projects with potential for a lasting/deep impact and/or a broad impact (affecting a large number of students)

  • The application form is on Google Forms, and can be edited / resubmitted there until the deadline.

  • We offer support for applicants / potential applicants in two main ways:    

    • Rosy McCauley, our Gifts & Grants Coordinator, is available for all questions - via email, phone or meeting - at (email to set up a time if you prefer a phone call or meeting)

    • Prior to presentations, we will reach out ahead of time with any clarifying questions on the submitted applications to help ensure the presentations are targeted to answer any outstanding questions.


  • Applications Due: Tuesday, March 21st @ 5:00pm

  • Presentation of Applications/Proposals to Exec Board by Zoom:  Thursday March 30th @ 3:10 p.m

  • PTA Meeting to vote on those grants selected for a full membership vote: Thursday, April 20th @ 9:30am

You can find more information about the Gifts and Grants program here:

We deeply value our partnership with you to help and are looking forward to your ideas to improve students’ Middlebrook experiences.

Learn More: LINK

2022-23 Gifts and Grants

Fall/Winter Summary (link)

Additional Grant (link coming soon)

Spring Summary (link coming soon)

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How You Can Help

Donate to our Annual Appeal

Donating Money
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