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Digital Safety and Well Being

Middlebrook PTA is pleased to sponsor several Internet and Social Media Safety assemblies and presentation in our district. Please find below resources from recent student presentations and an upcoming parent event.


Resources from Scott Driscoll:

Register for Event:


From: January 27th Friday Letter - MB

Scott Driscoll, President of Internet Safety Concepts, spoke with students in each grade about how to make safe online choices. I do hope that your children shared what they learned with you and their siblings.


On March 7, Mr. Driscoll will host a session for parents and guardians. Look for additional information in a future Friday letter.


From WPS January 24, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As part of Wilton Public Schools’ ongoing efforts to educate students about their health and well-being, students participated in a program today on Digital Safety and Well Being. Scott Driscoll, President of Internet Safety Concepts, presented to students at Middlebrook in grade level assemblies. We want to share with you the topics Scott spoke about with your children:

  • Social Networking: Positives, negatives and potential impacts

  • Cyberbullying: Protecting yourself and others, and creating a positive outcome

  • Texting and Sexting (grade 7 & 8)

  • Popular/Trending Apps

  • Picture Sharing

  • Video Chats

  • Sharing too much information

  • The importance of privacy settings

  • Email concerns

  • Creating your “digital footprint/tattoo”

  • How technology can help or hurt your future

Attached discussion questions for you to start conversations with your child at home. Rest assured that our staff will continue to reinforce these important concepts in school as well.

Thank you to the Middlebrook PTA for funding these assemblies.