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Support Middlebrook for Gifts & Grants and the Budget Process

Middlebrook PTA has received another inspiring round of Gift and Grant Requests to fund this year. We need your help in several ways to support Middlebrook in the coming weeks:

  1. Please attend our next PTA meeting to learn more about and vote for the Gifts & Grants requests for the coming year. We will also discuss the BOE budget and Wilton budget process including a presentation and Q&A from BOF Chair Matt Raimondi. Please join us in recognizing our MB volunteer and support community.

  2. Support our Annual Appeal in any way you can to help us fund a diverse array of programs and supplies to enrich the education of our Middlebrook students.

  3. Engage in the BOE and Wilton budget process

PTA Meeting - About Gifts and Grants

PTA Meeting:

About Gifts and Grants:

Including past grants!

Current Requests - Winter 2024

  • Vertical Whiteboards for Building Thinking Classrooms

  • Diversity and Acceptance - "You don't know me until you know me" Presentation by Dr. Mykee Fowlin

  • Birds of Prey

  • 7th Grade Shakesperience

  • Supplies to Encourage Independence and Collaboration in Lunch Bunch

  • 7th Grade ELA Pod Books

  • Visiting Author 2024-2025

  • Consumer Science Blenders and Mixers

  • Drones and Drone Curriculum

  • Wind Turbine Testing Station

  • Nonfiction & Fiction Award Winning Titles

  • LLC Makerspace Stations

  • Middlebrook World Language Week Assembly

  • Arts and Stride Festival

  • Destiny Deep Drive Professional Learning

  • Flexible seating and sensory supports for 6th graders

  • LLC Circulation Desk Update - continue LLC renovations deferred by COVID

Annual Appeal - About/Links

Our Annual Appeal is an important way we fund our programs. If each family donates at least $40 per child to the 2024 Middlebrook Annual Appeal, your donation will allow us to cover the cost of 2023-2025 programs that will directly benefit each child at Middlebrook.

Gifts and Grants total grants funded during 2021-22 were over $30,000, 2022-23 were over $19,000, and in 2024 we already have over $34,000 in requests, $12,000 of which are annual enrichment programs. These will benefit students and staff across the school. Read more about Winter 2024 applications above and about our Gifts and Grants generally over the last few years here. We need your support to keep brining enriching educational experiences, community building events, and support to our students and staff. 

Constricted budgets and budget freezes mean that Middlebrook relies on us to help fund their needs throughout the year. The PTA has always had this role, and it is growing. These are important enrichment opportunities for the curriculum, electives, and events, professional development for teachers, and STEM and other equipment for the school.

Please donate so that we can fund these Programs and More! Link:

Budget Process

Please see our post about the BOE Budget Process ( and join us at our next PTA meeting for an opportunity to discuss questions with BOF Chair Matt Raimondi.


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