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PTA Meeting Thurs 4/11 9:30am

Please join us for a PTA Meeting Thursday, April 11th 9:30 am on Zoom and LLC.

We will have a brief meeting and then encourage folks to check out the Turnover Shop today or in the near future!

Agenda and Zoom Link: HERE

Featuring the Turnover Shop!

  • #turnovertreasures - post a selfie with your treasures and share Turnover Shop with your friends! Tag @turnovershop on FB.

  • Information: 

  • Follow on Facebook: 

  • Hours: Monday - Friday 10 AM to 4 PM, Saturday, 10 AM to 1 PM

  • Volunteer:

  • Mission: 

  • Founded over 75 years ago by a group of volunteers dedicated to serving the needs of the community, The Turnover has kept that tradition of service and generosity alive as we have evolved to serve each generation. Our merchandise is reflective of every life style and current fashion, and our current team of over 130 volunteers remain committed to the prospect of always being creative and innovative. Thousands of satisfied customers continue to validate their hard work.

  • Thank You:

  • What agencies receive the proceeds?

  • Proceeds are donated to local charities like the Wilton school Parent Teacher Association and to Nursing and Home Care. Over $1 million has been given over to charity!

  • Thank you to the Turnover Shop for a generous donation of $18,000 to our PTA in 2023-24 and $90,000 to all Wilton PTAs.

PTA Executive Board

Looking to get more involved?  The MBPTA is looking for volunteers to join our Executive Board and/or take the lead in other important areas.  So we are able to hit the ground running in SY24-25, to please express interest prior to April 1, 2024. 

There are anticipated vacancies in the following areas: 

  • President 

  • VIce-President/Director of Membership

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Parent At-Large

  • Middlebrook Messenger Co-Chairs

To learn more or express interest, please reach out to

Please Support Annual Appeal

  • Our Annual Appeal is an important way we fund our programs. For example, if we reach donations on  average of $40 per child to the 2024 Middlebrook Annual Appeal, your donation will allow us to cover the cost of 2023-2025 programs that will directly benefit each child at Middlebrook. We appreciate everyone supporting at the level they can. Gifts and Grants total grants funded during 2021-22 were over $30,000, 2022-23 were over $19,000, and in 2024 we already have over $34,000 in requests, $12,000 of which are annual enrichment programs. These will benefit students and staff across the school. Read more about Winter 2024 applications here and about our Gifts and Grants generally over the last few years here. We need your support to keep brining enriching educational experiences, community building events, and support to our students and staff. 

  • Link:

Thank you,



The PTA's mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.


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